The Young and Restless Life of William J. Bell

ISBN: 9781402272110

By: Michael Maloney

Published: 06/01/2012

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For the first time fans will be able to discover the true stories behind the creation and growth of the most popular and iconic soap operas of all time, and they’ll learn about the man behind their favorite storylines. Filled with dramatic turns, dangerous risks, and an overall devotion to bringing life to the show, this biography will offer fans a backstage pass to the fascinating world of soaps! Bill Bell worked from a love of his characters and his family, and was never afraid to fight for what he knew to be important to both. For any fans of Bill’s shows or anyone working on creating dramas, this is an unprecedented look into the life of one of the men who did it best.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Backstory
Chapter 2. Mad Men
Chapter 3. When Bill Met Lee
Chapter 4. Irna
Chapter 5. The Lee Phillip Bell Show
Chapter 6. "Like Sands through the Hourglass"
Chapter 7. "Young and Restless" Years, Part 1
Chapter 8. "Young and Restless" Years, Part 2
Chapter 9. Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Chapter 10. From "Rags" to Riches
Chapter 11. The Son Also Writes
Chapter 12. Bill and Jill Went Up a Hill
Chapter 13. Chasing Emmy
Chapter 14. "Baby, Come Back"
Chapter 15. Meet the Press
Chapter 16. The (Soap) World According to Bill
Chapter 17. Fenmore's West
Chapter 18. A "Bold" Move
Chapter 19. "Young and Restless" Years, Part 3
Chapter 20. After the Rainbow Room.
Chapter 21. Cliffhanger
Selected Bibliography
Acknowledgments and Notes
About the Authors



Whenever I think of Bill Bell, I think of him in his navy blue blazer with his perfectly cropped hair, casting a radiant smile like one that you’d see on Santa Claus on


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“Filled with dramatic turns, dangerous risks and an overall devotion to bringing life to the show, this biography offers fans a back-stage pass to the fascinating world of soaps and the ...

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Format: Hardcover

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Page Count: 288 pages


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