Zone Golf

ISBN: 9781402239649

By: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Published: 02/28/2010

The only book showing how self-hypnosis can help you master your golf game

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The only book showing how self-hypnosis can help you master your golf game

Zone Golf is a revolutionary handbook showing how you can use your mind to improve your golf game. Hypnosis is one of the quickest and most effective ways to create long-lasting change, and Zone Golf offers some powerful weapons against the yips, missed putts, and shots in the bunker. You’ll learn how the Zone secrets can take your game to a completely different level:

Banish the yips -- Sink tricky putts -- Conquer the bunker -- Play one shot at a time -- Achieve total focus -- Trust your club selection -- Forget missed shots -- Relax and swing with tempo -- Thrive under pressure

The accompanying audio CD provides self-hypnosis tracks that help you get more out of the program. Written by a certified hypnotherapist, Zone Golf reveals how to access the mastery of the game that you already have, and lower your golf score as you raise your golf experience.

This program was created in conjunction with Bill Fawcett, The Fawcett Group, and Dana Walden.

About the Author

Kelly Sullivan Walden (Santa Fe) is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been helping clients for 15 years to access their their subconscious minds. Kelly is a regular guest on FOX News New York and on CBS/AOL Psychic Radio. Kelly has recently appeared on KTLA, FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC news, as well as been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, and the Chicago Tribune.



Folks at Silver Lake are still talking about the recent confusion regarding a hypnotherapist that ended up costing them $100 each for an "introductory offer" on the benefits of hypnosis in golf.


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Page Count: 272 pages


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